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Our philosophy: sea, culinary garden and mountain on the Italian Riviera

Chef Jorg, young yet aware of his skills and the goals he wants to achieve. Born in Chiavari (Genoa), in 1992, he grew up in Sestri Levante and has been frequenting the kitchen since he was a child to help his mother. During his childhood, he learned traditional dishes that he would reinterpret over the years. On this point, he is very firm: without a deep understanding of tradition, it’s difficult to innovate and bring progress to the kitchen. After various experiences abroad and in Italy in various starred restaurants, it was in 2019 that he began his adventure at Orto, strongly pursued by the hotel’s owner Orietta Schiaffino. The highlights of his cuisine are multiple. One of these is “technical digestibility”: the use of different cooking methods aimed at creating less elaborate and more digestible dishes. This doesn’t mean modifying past recipes, but introducing new knowledge, new techniques and processes to improve the characteristics of the dish. Chef Jorg then places territory and innovation at the center of his culinary philosophy, called the “Manifesto of Ligurian Cuisine.” He proud himself of using ingredients from the sea, his personal culinary garden and the mountains. The chef cherishes this biodiversity. The philosophy of his cuisine is holistic: Jorg and his kitchen crew pay attention to every single detail of the courses, from breakfast to dinner. The restaurant Orto by Jorg Giubbani received the prestigious Michelin star just six months after opening, while numerous awards continued to accumulate, including “Ligurian Chef of the Year 2023.”

Raw produce

Orto” (meaning culinary garden) is a clearly evocative name: all the raw materials used by the Restaurant Orto and the Bistrot Nasturzio come from our 6 gardens. Here grow 52 different types of botanicals, collections of tomatoes, eggplants, peas, fennel, green beans, broad beans, leafy vegetables, fruit trees and much more. Some gardens are located within the “Villa Edera & La Torretta” gardens, while others are located on the hills and still others extend to the mountains.

Jorg and the Citrus Fruits of his garden

Jorg’s relationship with citrus fruits is very strong. Liguria is very rich in them: lemons, Pernambuco oranges, Chinotto from Savona, bitter oranges, pink grapefruits and oriental citrus fruits. During the restaurant’s seasonal closure in winter, the Orto crew dedicates itself to various activities with OrtoLab and collects citrus fruits: they transform them into paste, cubes, gel, fermented jars and even turned into essences that are then sprayed directly onto the dishes. Citrus fruits are also used to create the famous Genoese Pandolce “Baciccia” and to flavour our vermouth.

Our OrtoLab: 100% Homemade in Liguria

Savoury Temptations: A Symphony of Flavour

Tomato Sauce: Our passata is a symphony of flavours derived from the five varieties of tomatoes growing in our gardens. From the vibrant San Marzano to the robust Beefsteak tomato, each lends its unique character to this homemade puree, capturing the essence of Ligurian sunshine in every jar.

Castraure di S.Erasmo in Oil: A delicacy preserved at Ortolab, our Castraure di S.Erasmo artichokes. Hand-selected and lovingly preserved, these tender artichoke hearts are a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship that defines our culinary ethos.

Sweet and Sour Vegetables: Straight from our culinary garden, these tangy delights marry the freshness of locally sourced vegetables with the subtle sweetness of Ligurian vinegar, creating a harmonious balance of flavours that tantalize the taste buds.

Rabbit Tuna “Grigio di Carmagnola”: A specialty of our pantry, our Piedmont rabbit transformed as a tuna in olive oil is crafted from the finest raw produce. Handcrafted in Orto Lab, this savoury delicacy pays homage to Liguria’s culinary traditions, offering a taste of authenticity in every bite.

 Sweet Temptations: A Journey of Delight

Chiavari Mixed Hazelnut & Chocolate Spreadable Cream: An organic, artisanal delight, our spreadable cream evokes the nostalgia of childhood with its delicate blend of local mixed hazelnuts. Made with natural ingredients of the highest quality, it’s a temptation that’s hard to resist.

Zerli’s Onion Chutney: Made from first-class organic local onions, our delicate chutney is a symphony of flavours that dances on the palate. Handcrafted with care, it’s a testament to Liguria’s rich culinary heritage and the artistry of traditional preserving techniques.

Citrus Marmalade (Pernambucco Orange): From-tree-to-jar, our citrus marmalade embodies the essence of Ligurian tradition. Crafted with care and attention to detail, it captures the vibrant flavors of Pernambucco oranges in every spoonful, offering a taste of sunshine in every bite.

Citrus Marmalade (Kumquat Orange +Sage): Our extra jam, made with Kumquat oranges from our garden flavoured with fragrant sage, it’s a symphony of taste that elevates any breakfast or dessert.

Quadrestello: Inspired by the traditional Ligurian dessert ‘Canestrello,’ our square-shaped Quadrestello is a masterpiece of culinary innovation. Conceived by Chef Jorg Giubbani, it’s a sweet indulgence that pays homage to Liguria’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Strosciata Biscuit: Straight from the kitchen of Orto by Jorg Giubbani, our strosciata biscuit is a testament to Liguria’s love affair with olive oil. Crisp yet smooth, made with delicate local extra virgin olive oil, it’s a delightful treat for any occasion.

Thyme Cantuccio: No pantry is complete without Chef Jorg’s thyme-flavoured Cantuccio. Crispy, aromatic, and bursting with flavour, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or a glass of Vin Santo, offering a taste of Ligurian tradition in every bite.

Chef Jorg Giubbani’s Signature Panettone

Classico – Avola Almond Icing

Step into tradition with Chef Jorg Giubbani’s interpretation of the classic panettone. Limited to 300 pieces, our Classico Panettone is a testament to the timeless allure of family recipes and culinary heritage.

Genoese Pandolce “Baciccia” with Savona Chinotto

Embark on a journey through Liguria’s culinary heritage with Chef Jorg Giubbani’s interpretation of the historic Genoese pandolce, affectionately named “Baciccia.”

Limited Edition Easter 2024 – Panettone Z: Karamel, Cranberry, and Bourbon Vanilla

That was just a taste of Easter 2024! Introducing the Limited Edition Easter 2024 – Panettone Z: Karamel, Cranberry, and Bourbon Vanilla. In celebration of Easter 2024, Chef Jorg Giubbani presents a limited edition Panettone Z, featuring a tantalizing blend of flavours that promises to delight the senses.

Stay tuned for more exciting recipes by starred Chef Jorg Giubbani and our Restaurant *Michelin Orto by Jorg Giubbani in Moneglia and his OrtoLab