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The Romance of Fine Textiles and Wallpapers in Our Boutique Hotel Villa Edera & La Torretta in Moneglia.

Welcome to our Nature-Inspired Adults-Only Boutique Hotel nestled along the breathtaking Italian Riviera, between the world-famous destinations of Portofino and the picture-perfect Cinque Terre. As you step into our world of refined elegance and intimate design, you’ll find yourself immersed in a oasis where every detail whispers of romance and sophistication.

Francesca Sella, Hotel Interior Designer and family owner, has a real passion for beauty and colour schemes and takes personally and meticulously care of her bohemian-designed rooms and suites, which, starting from the Design type up to the Suite are adorned with prestige fabrics and wallpapers created by the world’s best designer and local renowned artisans, each chosen to evoke a sense of timeless bohemian and indulgence.

Let’s take a closer look at the exquisite design patterns that make our romantic abode so unique and special:

Refined Fabrics, Wallpaper & furniture:

Step into our lobby adorned with the exquisite creations of La Maison Pierre Frey Paris and Gervasoni Italy. From the fabrics with a modern colourful pattern, to the panoramic wallpaper “La Serre”, every corner exudes charm, inviting you to linger and savour the moment.

Elegant Touches from Around the Globe: 

Discover the allure of La Maison Pierre Frey Paris, the extravagance of Manuel Canovas Paris, Sanderson UK’s masterful designs gracing our walls and bed heads, while Christopher Farr from Great Britain adds a touch of contemporary flair to our spaces. With Jane Churchill UK’s delicate textiles and GP & J Baker‘s beautiful accents, every room becomes a sanctuary of refined bright-coloured taste.

Fine Dining with a Touch of Romance: 

Indulge your senses further at our Bistrot, aptly named “Nasturzio” (nasturtium), where the Italian Fornasetti in collaboration with the British Cole&Son present the playful turquoise and yellow wallpaper called “Limoni, Spuma di Mare” whereas the iconic Chiavarine chairs from Podestà Chiavari add a dash of Italian charm to a truly unforgettable culinary journey at our 1-star MICHELIN restaurant Orto by Jorg Giubbani. Here walls are covered in a patchwork of old recipes pages, some of which have been hand-painted with vivacious vegetable subjects.

Beyond the Ordinary: 

But our commitment to elegance doesn’t stop there. From our Jacquard Français napkins adorning our dining tables to the artisanal and romantic linens by Rivolta Carmignani Italia and Il Borgo delle Tovaglie Italia, every detail is thoughtfully curated to make your stay as memorable and comfortable as possible.

The Finest in Bedding: 

Sink into a world of style with Frette Italia’s premium fluffy towels and bed linen, proudly washed directly in the hotel using special fragrances to ensure a feeling of well-being and comfort.

Artistic “Icing on the Cake”: 

And let’s not forget the eye-catching touch of Vivaraise France, adding a playful, yet sophisticated element to our bed palette.

Francesca Sella wants the magic of nature and colour to infuse every inch of our space.

Because we trust details are the new luxury!

Come, be swept away by the allure of our Romantic Villa Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera.

Your journey to enchantment begins here.

Stay tuned for more curiosity about us, Hotel Cinque Terre with 20 Design rooms nearby Portofino, Italian Riviera!