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Orto by Jorg Giubbani“, our 1-Michelin starred Restaurant, located in Moneglia on the Italian Riviera, between Portofino and Cinque Terre. “Orto” offers an exclusive dining experience, where the sea, the culinary garden, and the mountain are the main characters of this gourmet journey.


Monday – Tuesday


07:00 pm – 09:00 pm (last order)

Tasting menu

6 – 7 – 9 Courses

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Down a few steps, a part of our culinary garden full of fragrant herbs and citrus, fruit, and vegetables is a precious source of inspiration for Jorg and his crew when creating a new dish.

Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure at the Michelin-starred restaurant “Orto by Jorg Giubbani” in Moneglia on the Italian Riviera, where every dish takes you on a sensory voyage through Liguria. This exquisite dining experience celebrates the local abundance, thoughtfully sourced from its thriving ecosystem of Sea, Garden, and Mountain, ensuring a sustainable and unforgettable gastronomic journey.

We explore the taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami) with Technique, Research, Experimentation, Fun, and Respect for Nature. This journey begins from our Real Life, Travels, Traditions, and Childhood Memories to best express the Philosophy and Spirit of our 1-star-Michelin restaurant, located in Moneglia, on the Italian Riviera between Cinque Terre and Portofino, as we like it, continuously evolving.

The Hallmarks of Jorg’s ‘The New Ligurian Cuisine’  manifesto are:


Childhood Memories










Our proposals will be revealed once you are welcomed: it is our idea of freedom and professionalism.

Depending on the availability and daily freshness of the products you will be involved in a gastronomic journey an experience in which we will share with you the style of our cuisine, the transparency of our life, and the love for our work.

6 Courses

Euro 120 (Drinks not included)

7 Courses

Euro 150 (Drinks not included)

9 Courses

Euro 180 (Drinks not included)

À la carte

Minimum 2 savory courses Euro 80 (Available for bookings of up to 3 guests)

Sommelier pairing

A journey through the most important wine production and beyond:

Our sommelier will accompany you on a personalized tasting journey in which you will be able to choose not only the great wine and champagne labels from our cellar but also cocktails and drinks created in the house, such as spirits, tea, and sake.

Alcoholic kaleidoscope

Tasting 6 Glasses (Euro 70)

Tasting 7 Glasses (Euro 80)

Orto essences

Tasting 6 Glasses (Euro 70)

Tasting 7 Glasses (Euro 80)

A series of tastings proposed for the chosen menu without revealing them from start to finish

All dishes are composed of various ingredients and details that make chef Jorg Giubbani’s cuisine recognizable and personal, for this reason, despite trying to take into consideration all reasonable food intolerances or allergies, we regret that we cannot offer the vegan variant and not being able to ensure that dishes are completely free of allergens. It is very important and necessary to inform us of any intolerances and allergies when booking to guarantee you the best experience at the table.

Orto by Jorg Giubbani is a Michelin-starred restaurant on the Italian Riviera, between Portofino and Cinque Terre, that pays attention to waste and respect for the environment.

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