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Outdoor Experiences on the Italian Riviera between Portofino and Cinque Terre

Explore the breathtaking outdoor experiences, highlights, excursions, and natural attractions of Liguria, located on the enchanting Italian Riviera. Let us guide you to discover the beauty and charm of this fascinating region.


Day trip from Boutique Hotel Villa Edera on the Italian Riviera to Genoa:

Genoa is an Italian jewel on the Ligurian coast, and is often referred to by the locals as “La Superba” (The Proud One). Genoa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic city is located on the Italian Riviera nearby the famous tourist destinations of Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, the VIP location of Portofino, Sestri Levante, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cinque Terre National Park. The city offers a rich mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the historic center is a labyrinth of winding alleyways, magnificent palaces, museums, churches, and hidden squares. Explore this remarkable city.

Genoa train station:

Genoa has 2 train stations: we recommend getting off at “Genoa-Brignole” if you want to go shopping or explore the center. On the other hand, for museums, the “Old Port”, the Aquarium and the hiking trails above the Fortresses of Genoa, we recommend the train station “Genoa-Piazza Principe”.

Trekking in Genoa:

For hikers, we recommend the trails of the “Fortresses of Genoa“, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Ligurian coast. You can also hike directly from the fortresses to the center of Genoa.  (please check the detailed information at the hotel). These trails are special outdoor experiences on the Italian Riviera between Portofino and Cinque Terre.

Art & culture in Genoa:

Explore Genoa’s architectural wonders, such as the majestic San Lorenzo Cathedral, and the imposing Palazzo Ducale, and the city’s museums, such as the “Palazzo Rosso” and the “Palazzo Bianco” and much more. The Galata Maritime Museum also offers a wealth of cultural insights. Another highlight is the famous Genoa Aquarium, which is located in the Old Port.

Shopping in Genoa:

For shopping enthusiasts, we recommend starting in Via XX Settembre. Make a detour to the Oriental Market with its countless spices and then head towards Palazzo Ducale. Here you will also find small bars where you can enjoy an “aperitivo italiano”. Then head towards the Old Port, where you will find numerous bars and restaurants. Many of these also have an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy “La Dolce Vita”. 

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Portovenere serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the wonders of the Italian Riviera, spanning from Portofino to Versilia. Nestled along the picturesque Gulf of La Spezia, historically renowned as the Gulf of Poets due to its literary charm, this enchanting town also acts as the gateway to the famed Cinque Terre, often dubbed the ‘Sixth Town’ by seasoned travelers.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and situated near Cinque Terre, Portovenere boasts remarkable attractions such as the imposing Castello Doria and the elegant churches of San Pietro and San Lorenzo. Once graced by the Temple of Venus, it earned the epithet “Port of Venus” in ancient times. Accessible by boat, ferry, car, or bus, the town offers various transportation options, including a scenic hike connecting it to Riomaggiore, with the cemetery viewpoint offering an unmissable panorama.

To reach Portovenere, consider the following options:

By car: Easily accessible from La Spezia with a picturesque 20-minute drive. Parking is available near the center, though predominantly paid.

By train: Take the train directly from Moneglia to La Spezia, and then either catch a bus or a scheduled boat from La Spezia to Portovenere. 

By boat: Services operate from La Spezia, Lerici, Levanto, and select Cinque Terre towns from late March to early November. Taxi boat and private boat options are also available.

By bus: Take bus 11/P from La Spezia Train Station for a comfortable 30-minute journey.

By hiking: Numerous trails link Portovenere to Cinque Terre, La Spezia, and Levanto, offering scenic routes for nature enthusiasts.

For those with ample time, a full-day hike on Palmaria Island presents a captivating adventure. With paths suitable for all ages and breathtaking views from the island’s peaks, allocate approximately 4 hours for this unforgettable experience.

Detailed information on trails and schedules can be obtained at the reception desk.

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Day Trip to the Cinque Terre:

The Cinque Terre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997:

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and variety of colors of these villages.

The Cinque Terre (5 villages):

Monterosso al Mare: the largest village with a long beach, famous for its lemons, anchovies and the famous wine “Sciacchetrà”.

Vernazza: Often hailed as the jewel of the region, its charm is a favorite backdrop for romantic weddings.

Corniglia: located above the sea, a very small village from which many hiking trails start.

Manarola and Riomaggiore are similar and very characteristic.

We recommend exploring the villages either by train or by boat. The villages are small and the parking lots are often located above the villages (detailed information at the reception).

Excursion Cinque Terre by train:

In our opinion, the easiest way to reach and explore these villages. This way of getting around offers the opportunity to experience the beauty of the villages and to travel from one place to another by train. The journey time from one place to another is around 5 minutes.

Start your day early. You will need time to visit all the villages. Enjoy the local dishes in the small restaurants or bars. (detailed information at the reception).

Excursion by Boat (Battello):

Discover the 5 villages by scheduled boat. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this picturesque coastal region. From the boat you have a unique perspective to experience the five picturesque villages. Enjoy the spectacular view of the colorful houses built into the cliffs (detailed information at the reception).

Excursion by private boat to the Cinque Terre:

(detailed information at the reception).

Hiking in the Cinque Terre:

Buy the Cinque Terre Card for the hiking trails. Please note: The train ticket Moneglia-Levanto-Moneglia must be purchased separately; it is not included in the Cinque Terre Card.

You can walk from one village to the other. However, it is recommended that you find out whether the hiking trails are open before your visit.

Start your day trip directly from the Adults Only Hotel Villa Edera on the Ligurian coast. 5 minutes walk from Moneglia train station.

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Explore the hidden treasures between Moneglia and Sestri Levante on the Italian Riviera with our curated selection of off-the beaten path hiking trails. Discover the untouched beauty of this coastal paradise, all conveniently accessible from our Adults Only Boutique Hotel Villa Edera e La Torretta.

Moneglia and Riva Trigoso:

Both are charming coastal towns in the Liguria region of Italy, known for their picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, and laid-back atmosphere. While these towns are popular tourist destinations, there are still plenty of off-the-beaten-path experiences to enjoy in the area. Here are a few suggestions:

Trekking Moneglia – Riva Trigoso: Info

Trekking Riva Trigoso – Sestri Levante Info

Trekking Moneglia – Deiva Marina Info

Following a day filled with captivating experiences, treat yourself to a delightful gourmet dinner at our distinguished 1-star Michelin restaurant, “Orto,” where Chef Jorg Giubbani’s culinary expertise awaits to delight your palate. 


Day trip to Portofino on the Ligurian Coast:

An absolute highlight of the Italian Riviera is a day trip to Portofino. A former fishing village that attracts VIPs such as designers Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani, industrialists such as Agnelli, politicians and personalities such as the Berlusconi family from all over the world, Portofino is known for its flair. During the summer months, yachts belonging to famous personalities dock in Portofino. This little gem on the Ligurian coast also boasts exclusive boutiques such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Pucci, Cartier and many more.

How to get to the small VIP town of Portofino:

The easiest way is to take the train directly from Moneglia to Santa Margherita Ligure and then continue by bus or scheduled boat from Santa Margherita to Portofino (detailed information at reception). If you prefer a day trip by car, there may be traffic jams on the way; you will have to park directly in the underground parking garage in Portofino.

Sightseeing in Portofino:

We recommend visiting the Church of San Giorgio and San Martino, the Oratory of S. Maria Assunta, the Castello Brown with its museum and the Portofino lighthouse, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Daniele Crippa’s art gallery (in the open air) is housed in the terraced garden of Baron Mumm. More than 100 sculptures can be seen here.

Aperitivo alla Italiana:

Treat yourself to the famous “Bellini” or a cocktail in the famous “Calata Marconi” piazza. (Recommendations at reception).

Trekking Portofino:

Explore the numerous hiking trails that lead to and from Portofino. For example, you can hike from San Fruttuoso to Portofino or from Camogli to San Fruttuoso and then on to Portofino. However, if you only want to go for a walk, you can also walk from Santa Margherita Ligure to Portofino.

Visit the nearby towns of Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo (can be reached directly from Portofino by boat – information at reception).

You can start your day trip directly from the Adults Only Hotel Villa Edera on the Italian Riviera. 5 minutes walk from Moneglia train station.

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We’re delighted to offer you a selection of hiking trails conveniently accessible from the Adults Only Boutique Hotel Villa Edera e La Torretta on the Italian Riviera, between Portofino and Cinque Terre, perfect for day trips.

These trails promise both adventure and scenic beauty, ensuring memorable experiences amidst nature’s embrace:

Cinque Terre Coastal Trail: Experience the iconic coastal hike connecting the picturesque Cinque Terre villages for stunning views and charming scenery. Info

Portofino Regional Park: Explore scenic trails within the Portofino Regional Park, offering panoramic views of the Ligurian Sea and quaint fishing villages. Info

Framura to Bonassola Coastal Trail: Enjoy a picturesque coastal hike from Framura to Bonassola, offering breathtaking views of cliffs, olive groves, and secluded beaches. Info 

Sestri Levante to Punta Manara: Trek from Sestri Levante to Punta Manara for stunning vistas of the Gulf of Tigullio, passing through pine forests and charming coastal landscapes. Info

Chiavari to Zoagli: Take a scenic coastal hike from Chiavari to Zoagli, passing through vineyards and olive groves while enjoying panoramic views of the Ligurian coastline. Info

Moneglia to Deiva Marina: Explore a coastal path from Moneglia to Deiva Marina, encountering beautiful beaches, cliffs, and charming villages along the way. Info 

Inland Trails: Discover inland trails surrounding Moneglia, offering serene hikes through forests, hills, and quaint villages for a different perspective of Liguria’s natural beauty.

Remember to check trail conditions, weather forecasts, and consider hiring a local guide for a safe and enriching trekking experience.

In the evening, enjoy an exquisite gourmet dinner at our renowned 1-star Michelin restaurant, Orto,” curated by the esteemed Chef Jorg Giubbani.



Here are a few ideas for a shopping day on the Italian Riviera near our 4-Star Hotel Villa Edera:

Genoa Shopping Day:

We recommend a day trip to Genoa for a diverse shopping experience.

Suggest exploring Via XX Settembre and Via Roma for high-end fashion boutiques and department stores.

Encourage visiting the Mercato Orientale for fresh produce and local delicacies, as well as the historic shops in the Old Town for artisanal goods.

Outlet Shopping Italian Riviera – Brugnato:

Spend a day at the Outlet Village in Brugnato for discounted designer brands.

Highlight the wide selection of stores offering clothing, accessories, footwear, and homeware at reduced prices.

Emphasize the convenience of finding great deals on luxury items in a picturesque setting.

Chiavari Shopping Excursion:

Recommend a visit to Chiavari for boutique shopping and unique finds.

Suggest exploring the charming streets of the historic center, lined with independent shops selling fashion, jewelry, home decor, and gifts.

Exploring Santa Margherita Ligure:

Suggest spending a day in Santa Margherita Ligure for upscale shopping opportunities.

Highlight the waterfront promenade and Piazza Martiri Dell’Olivetta as prime locations for boutique shopping.

We recommend exploring designer boutiques, art galleries, and specialty stores offering gourmet food products and wine.

Sestri Levante Shopping Experience:

Sestri Levante would be perfect for a mix of shopping and seaside relaxation.

Suggest exploring the pedestrianized streets of the town center for fashion boutiques, artisanal shops, and local markets.

Highlight the opportunity to combine shopping with leisurely strolls along the waterfront and visits to nearby beaches.

In the evening, enjoy an exquisite gourmet dinner at our renowned 1-star Michelin restaurant, Orto,” curated by the esteemed Chef Jorg Giubbani.


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