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La Villa & the Team: past and present

The Schiaffino family have looked after guests with all their dedication and enthusiasm since 1962, constantly trying out new ideas, but unfailingly drawing on tradition and nature as an essential, limitless source of inspiration.

Since 1962

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The Origin

In 1962, when the Schiaffino family built the first 14-room nucleus of the Hotel Villa Edera and La Torretta, there was not even a road to get to the land overlooking the last tunnel before entering Moneglia, coming from Riva Trigoso and looking towards the bay of the Secca beach. The materials were brought to the site on the back of a mule, following the mule track that started near the church of San Giorgio in the center of the town.


Orto by Jorg Giubbani

The Schiaffinos – in particular Orietta, a declared gourmet – have thought of a gastronomic proposal that draws on the strength of the surrounding nature, the aromatic herbs, the vegetables, in a nutshell, everything that came from the scattered gardens of the Villa. It was in December 2019 they handed this extraordinary potential into the hands of a local young and promising chef, Jorg Giubbani.

FROM 2022

Michelin Star

The chef of the Orto restaurant in Moneglia, Jorg Giubbani, has seen the Michelin Star confirmed also for 2024, a prestigious recognition for his haute cuisine: top-notch raw materials, passion for tradition, constant research for innovation.

Jorg Giubbani – reads the motivation for the award – is a young Ligurian chef who, thanks to important professional experiences, has developed an idea of cuisine that primarily wants to be a narrative of the region. Its gastronomic proposal has the privilege of being based on great raw materials and, as the Restaurant name suggested, on the private culinary garden that surrounds the property, following the common thread of tradition with its ingredients and its flavours, following the rhythm of seasonality and the chef’s creativity. Every single dish becomes a craft culinary masterpiece. The wine selection as well is aimed at the discovery and enhancement of the territory.


The team

Our team is like a big family composed of new members, each with their own role and a passion for hospitality and catering. We will always welcome you with the smile that a heaven of peace like Villa Edera & La Torretta can offer to all those who visit it. Day after day, amid laughter and kind responses, we live in contact with nature, striving to share it with our guests with respect and charm.

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